The Mariner Beach Motel at the Fishing Pier

Sunset in Naples

The Mariner Apartments and Motel is located in the heart of Old Naples and offers you beautifully appointed suites for two, four or six people. You will love the near proximity to the famous fishing pier, the white sand beach and shopping. Also, Boat docking facilities in Naples Bay are nearby. The Mariner has 66 rooms and 36 contain kitchens. It's just small enough to be cozy and big enough to accommodate your long-term vacationing needs.

The Mariner is as much a part of Naples as the Naples Pier. When the Mariner was built in 1966, the Pier was Naples' only major landmark, and the location of the motel was chosen as a result. Even today, the Naples Pier stands as a symbol of Naples and its relaxed lifestyle. Welcome to Naples...welcome to the Mariner at the Fishing Pier.

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The Beach at Sunset
View of the Mariner

Open walkways at the Mariner

View of the Mariner